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Pureco has a purpose to provide a positive impact on the lives of our customers.

We aim to run and develop our business in a responsible manner -
offering household products that not only become healthier alternative for the society but also could have a positive impact on the environment.
One environmental issue that we are concerned right now is greenhouse gas emissions and greenhouse effect* that can cause climate change and global warming.
Reducing these emissions is crucial to
address climate change and its consequences.
*Greenhouse gas emissions are the release of gases like carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide into the Earth's atmosphere through human activities such as burning fossil fuels a. deforestation. TheSe gases create a ā€¯greenhouse effect," trapping heat a. leading to global warming, which can result in climate changes, rising sea levels, and other environmental impacts.
Several steps have been taken, such as:
First, Pureco has been collaborating with Siklus Refill, a refill company with a mission to reduce the use of single-use packaging.
Through the Siklus app, our products can be purchased online, and delivered to the deisgnated address using refill system.
Second, as a further step, Pureco has initiated a carbon offset program in partnership with Fairatmos, a climate technology company.
Carbon emission reduction through carbon offsetting has become one of the advanced measures that can accompany efforts to reduce inevitable greenhouse gas emissions, such as energy consumption for production, shipping, and more.
source: GenPi
Carbon Offsetting Project
For Balancing Greenhouse Gas Emissions In collaboration with Fairatmos
Is a project that reduces emissions from deforestation and forest degradation across the 149,800 hectares of peatland forest in Katingan Regency of Central Kalimantan, Indonesia.
Benefits for households in 34+ villages and home to around 314 plant species, 167 bird species, and 67 mammal species.
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Source: Katingan Peatland Restoration and Conservation Project
Pureco is a brand by INC, a company specialized in producing and distributing goods for baby, kids and family. To see our company other's social responsibility program, please visit www.inc-brands.co